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Shower Rods: Walk-in Ceiling Shower Curtain Rod
Walk -in Tub with Track
We will adjust the height of your curtain based on your ceiling height and the 2½” that the TRAX hook hangs down from the ceiling. If you have a different style shower rod or would like an exact length please make a note in the message box.

Ceiling shower rods along with a custom length shower curtain are ideal for walk-in tubs. Shown to the right is an L-shaped ceiling shower rod, L-TRAX, along with a custom length shower curtain. Advantages of this shower rod and curtain combination for barrier free showers are:

  • Shower rod securely anchored to ceiling removing bar from across shower.
  • Bottom weighted hem shower curtains can be made to any desired length.
  • Shower curtain easily glides left or right and can be pulled back for easy access to shower.
  • Curtain carrier hooks easily traverses corners with L-shaped rods and other configurations.
  • Ceiling shower rod and shower curtain are customized to your needs.

Ceiling Shower Rods:

Ceiling shower rods are available for any shower configuration as shown on the Custom-TRAX page. Two of the most common for walk-in tubs are:

Straight Shower Rod, TRAX
Price (58½" wide): $66

L-Shaped Shower Rod, L-TRAX
Price (32" x 60"): $132

  • Available in both white enamel and brushed aluminum finishes.
  • Includes 12 carriers (TRAX) or 18 carriers (L-TRAX) for shower curtain liner.
  • Attaches to ceiling with screws and drywall anchors that are included.
  • Can be easily trimmed with hacksaw for different sized applications.
Shower Curtain Picture

Shower Curtains:

Our fabric Shower Curtain Liners are a nylon water-proof fabric that are extra long and/or extra wide for most of the TRAX shower curtain applications. See shower curtain pages for other materials available, e.g. vinyl.

Prices for fabric liners are:


Shower Rods: Walk-in Ceiling Shower Curtain Rod Shower Rods: Walk-in Ceiling Shower Curtain Rod