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Shower Rods: Custom Ceiling Shower Curtain Rod

Custom-TRAX are made from straight and 90 and/or 45-degree corners to fit any bathtub or shower configuration. The radius of all corners is 15-inches. Examples of standard configurations for ceiling shower rods for bathtub/showers are shown below. Custom ceiling shower rods can be made with different dimensions for all these configurations and more.

Click on the configuration below for custom ordering information.

Straight Rod: Available in any length. When greater than 72" a splice is used to connect two sections. Can be used for curtain rods, room dividers, etc., as well as bathtubs and showers.

L-shaped: Shown in our 'standard' dimensions. Either or both legs can be shortened or lengthened to your needs.

Oval: Used for Roman tubs or other free-standing bathtubs or to also cover a window behind the tub.

U-shaped: For peninsula tubs with one end against the wall and the shower head coming from the wall.

D-shaped: For peninsula tubs with one long side against the wall. These are the same as U-shaped except the middle section is longer than the ends.

Neo-angle: For neo-angle showers or tubs. They come in many different dimensions. The two outside legs are usually but not always the same dimension.

  • White Enamel or Brushed Aluminum finishes.
  • Includes carriers for shower curtain liner.
  • Attaches to ceiling with a screw about every two feet.
  • Can be easily trimmed with hacksaw for different sized applications.
  • Custom shower rod examples: circular shower rod, half-circle shower rod, semi-circle shower rod.
  • Call or email us if you have a unique situation that combines custom tracking (as shown in the two pictures to the right).
  • You can send us an email or fax with a picture or drawing of the custom track you would like us to build.

Examples Custom-TRAX:

Custom shape trax

Custom shape trax


Shower Rods: Custom Ceiling Shower Curtain Rods Shower Rods: Custom Ceiling Shower Curtain Rods