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Shower Rods: Shower Door Alternative

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Join the people who:

  • Pay about 10% of the cost of glass shower doors
  • No longer clean the shower doors or clean the grime around the base of the shower doors
  • Take a bath in the bathtub without the shower doors and track getting in the way
  • Have a beautiful and open looking bathroom

TRAX has the solution:

  • Ceiling shower rods and shower curtains made for your individual application
  • Can be configured to any shaped shower or tub
  • The shower curtain glides right and/or left and smoothly around corners with no braces or bars to stop the curtain movement
  • Easy to install, comes with step-by-step instructions and all hardware needed
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Click on the shape you need for more details and for ordering information. (Other dimensions and shapes also available)

Straight Ceiling Shower Rod L-Shaped Ceiling Shower Rod Neo-Angle Ceiling Shower Rod Shower Curtain Picture

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Shower Rods: Shower Door Alternative Shower Rods: Shower Door Alternative